Watch CM&T on ROKU

On your Roku device directly, go to Home -> Add Channels -> Search Channels , and type CMT using the on-screen keyboard. The channel will appear at the right side of the screen. Click on it, and then select Add Channel. Please note that Roku OS does not include the ampersand (&) by default in the on-screen search interface. Therefore you can simply search for your channel by entering CMT.

Watch CM&T on Fire TV

Access the Search bar on your Fire TV by going to the Home screen and pressing the Left button on the remote’s directional pad. Type Channel Link using the on-screen keyboard. Install the Channel Link for Fire TV app, and open it. The first time the app is started, it will ask you for a channel name – enter cmandt using the on-screen keyboard and click Next. The channel will be installed and each time you click on the “Channel Link for Fire TV ” app in the future, the channel will be loaded by default without any further action required.

Watch CM&T Online

Even if you don’t have a ROKU or Amazon device – you don’t have to miss out.

Simply click the “Watch Now” button above and you will be able to stream all the currently available content on the CM&T Channel.

PLUS…All new CM&T Shows and content will be hosted online weekly from January 2023 – Look out for the “New Content” Button!